Depressed Center Discs

Depressed Center Discs


Apidor offers a wide range of Depressed Center Discs for various applications. The end user industries are :

  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Ship Building
  • Railway
  • Pipe Manufacturing
  • Chemical Plant fabrication
  • Foundries and Forgings
  • Dairy & Pharma Equipment Manufacturing
  • Defence
  • Auto and Auto Ancillaries


Besides the variety of industry applications there are also a plethora of machines like pneumatic, electric, high frequency machines with varying outputs on which these wheels are used. Given this variety of machines and industry applications there us need for a variety of Depressed Center Discs (DCD) for optimum performance. Some of popular Brands of APIDOR are:



FYTER wheel is designed for aggressive cutting action. It delivers a high Material Removal Rate (MRR) and is recommended for operations where deadlines are of utmost importance. It delivers maximum output per operator keeping the operator cost down. Within the FYTER range FYTER-PRIMA Offers maximum  GR with Aggressive Material removal Rate.




METAFLEX is a product with a brand new bond system offering high MRR & GR. Built with heavy duty fibre glass reinforcements the product offers Better Safety. A good GR ensures that the change over  time is reduced. It can be used both Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel application. Various Products are available to suit every imaginable customer need.



FACSUT is a premium offering from APIDOR. This product is designed for Extraordinary GR & MRR. The product is constructed with 3 Full Diameter high tensile fibre glass reinforcements. The product truly delivers MAXIMUM performance along with High Safety.



ZEN is a value for money product offering judicious GR & MRR along with high safety. With both the GR & MRR in the moderate range and with low Price offering it ensures that the Cost of grinding is reduced substantially. You may choose a Fine Back product that would give better surface finish.



ZIRCOTECH is Ultra Premium Performance offering from APIDOR. The Zirconia grains with a Strong Bond System ensures a Superlative Performance for the astute and perceptive end user. These wheels are easily capable of offering anywhere from 50% to 75% more MRR & GR as compared to the conventional wheels. They are excellent for usage on Stainless Steel. Available in Fast Cut rate and Extended Life varieties.



SWORD  offers a balanced performance. It combines a good Grinding Ratio (GR) along with a decent Material Removal Rate (MRR). With attractive price structure SWORD gives Better Value for Money. Mainly suitable for the forging industry where cost of grinding is a very important performance indicator.



The HAWK products are economy products for light applications. These are designed for ease of cut and are suitable on angle grinding applications. These products are very economical and have the advantages of safety, consistency & reliability of the best in class technology.




Besides these popular brands APIDOR has products that cater to SPECIAL requirements. Some of them are:

  • Glass & Marble Bevelling
  • Stainless Steel Application
  • Cast Iron Application.